Slide bearing systems for railway technology: air spring plates, PTFE sliding rings / sliding plates

The requirements regarding bogies and air spring systems in modern railway vehicles have been rising steadily during the last years. A main factor for comfort, quiet running, safety in operation and operating life are the slide bearing systems and their friction coefficients as well as their quality assurance.




The company IBG Monforts Gleitlagertechnik has more than 40 years experience in the manufacture of slide bearing systems. The utmost important friction coefficients in such systems are being determined mainly by the sliding partners.





Different plastics are available as material for the sliding plates / sliding rings (e.g. PA or PTFE with its excellent characteristics). Normally, the surface of counter rotations consists of a polished stainless steel plate with a surface roughness of max. Rz 1µm.
(picture: air spring plates with PTFE sliding elements)


By means of examinations under different rail-specified operation conditions (load/temperature/speed/amplitude), we are able to give the design engineer exactly defined friction coefficients and to guarantee these by a quality assurance system. The quality of these coefficients is being checked through IBG Monforts Gleitlagertechnik (self-monitoring of each PTFE batch). Different material combinations make friction coefficients between µ=0,036 and 0,25 possible.
(picture: bogie)